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Now that Thina and I have made it to Morrilton Arkansas and have biked over 275 miles, we figured it was time for a Pedego electric bike review, also if anyone has any questions please comment if I don’t answer them here!

I love my 24 inch, 7 speed, step thru, sea foam green interceptor electric cruiser bike. Here is why, this bike goes fast and far and is very user friendly, you do not have to be an avid cyclist to take this bike on long trips.

The electric assist: I have two 48v 15ah lithium batteries, and I do anywhere from 50-75 miles a day, at an average of about 15-17 miles an hour. I was given 2 batteries by Pedego because I am carrying a lot of weight with me, and pulling a trailer with a 50lbs dog. The bike has 5 levels of pedal assist modes, I call them my 5 levels of cruise control of course depending on which level I am on uses up more battery, when at 5 where I am moving about 19-20 miles an hour, the lower settings I use the more miles I get out of my batteries. If I know I have a 50 mile day I will admit I like to use the faster more powerful assistance, when I have a 70-75 mile day I do more work myself and set the bike on lower cruise controls, even on lower settings the assist is very helpful, but if I am feeling like I need exercise I can always just turn the assist off and pull Thina and myself on my own, there is also a twist and go throttle for full power on demand! The bike helps so much going up hills and depending on the hill especially for me with all the weight, I can easily change the assist of the bike on the LCD screen on the handlebars or just hit the throttle! I would say my favorite assist is the 3rd mode, I still have to work but I move pretty fast even with all the extra weight, at about 15 miles an hour, but I still get the exercise I want!

Comfort: after 3 days straight at about 60 miles a day, my backside is a little tender but as long as I have biking shorts on, I am rather comfortable all day each day. I have an adjustable seat with suspension seat post for extra cushioning, as well as I put the adjustable handle bars on my bike so I could change positions throughout the day, my back has also been in good shape!

I tried these bikes out before I even started my walk back in South Carolina, I wanted one immediately, I would not have taken any other bike across the country, I’m excited to get this bike home and take it to work, save on gas money, be outside, and be healthier!
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