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My name is Rick, I started inspirla….and just wanted to introduce myself.

This was an idea I had a few years back, and since then it has evolved, and actually de-volved (if that is even a word) into what it is now! Why did I start inspirla? The simple answer is I thought it was needed! Life can be hard, times are difficult and sometimes its hard to find a safe place to go. BUT, there is so much good in the world along with wonderful, caring people. And that should be what we are talking about. Life is a series of stories and even the small, simple ones need to be told, need to be shared and told again.

I started traveling full time in June 2016, my dog Mazzy and myself in an old camper. I feel as a traveler, I was always meeting people, sharing stories, learning about others lives….and I often found myself too needing the kindness and help of others. I have many of these stories from my travels, one such story happened in Forks, WA. I was driving out of a gravel parking lot when I heard a noise that I thought was a flat tire. I got out of my camper and was looking at the tires when a guy came over and said “You have a rock stuck between your tires, I was right behind you and saw the whole thing”. I thought that was interesting, I got myself off the busy road, grab a hammer and tired to hammer it out. I quickly figured that was not going to work and tried to get to the campground 4 miles down the road. That was not going to happen either, and I pulled over again, in a business that had a wide driveway so I was out of folks way.

Didn’t take long before a older gentleman came out, hearing the banging I was doing and asked if I needed help. I did, and even though he really should not have been out there, he was, bringing tools, getting under my camper. His wife came and gave me the number of a local tire place and then his neighbor came over and brought an air compressor. After well over an hour we got a rock that looked like a cannonball out from between my 2 back tires. I don’t know what I would have done without their help and tools. None of them needed to put in the time they did, and invest almost 2 hours but they did that too…and I was able to get to my campsite and meet an old college friend and go hiking.

That’s my first story…what will yours be? It can be long or short, even a poem or song lyrics, just need to be inspirational to you….and maybe to someone else! There are wonderful things happening to us all everyday, and we all from time to time take things for granted, take time to reflect and share with one of your inspirational stories with the world!

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