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Inspiration comes in many forms…

The other day I was finishing up a hike and saw guy in his 20s sitting in the dirt by the start of the trail. I then saw his wheelchair laying next to him….He was having trouble getting over the boulders and back on his chair. I asked if he needed some help, he said yes. I went over and got his chair back up, I could tell he was frustrated, I helped out and tried to lighten the mood and he got himself going… he said thanks and how much he appreciated the help.


It was nice helping someone in need, but what I took from it was this kid getting out and still doing what he loves, knowing that he would have some challenges and would probably have to rely on strangers along the way! That takes guts and courage and its much easier to make excuses not to get out….and he was out there solo….the next time I feel lazy or tired or complaining about whatever, I will remember that kid and make myself think about how fortunate I am!!

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