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Sometimes it’s really hard to explain to a complete stranger how much their kindness has really made such a difference, and that their kindness will be paid forward! Today I had a 50 mile day in front me on my electric bike! I am pretty aware of the power of the batteries on my bike, but I was not aware of the massive hills and then mountain that I would be climbing over with all of Thina and I’s things! Needless to say, I didn’t plan well, my mind was focused on the prize, a little fake Bavarian town in Helen Georgia where Octoberfest was going on!

Well about 10 miles west of the town on some mountain road the power went out! I pushed all the 200lbs for a good 400 yards straight up and thought I was finally at the top, but when I hit the top and looked to my left, an even steeper grade was staring me in the face. I was dripping sweat, I had even pulled Thina out and made her walk to lighten the load. I reached this pull off and bumped into a couple of Appalachian Trail hikers and other people with very small cars who def could not help me.

I realized I needed help, I needed to wave a complete stranger down. The first pickup truck that I waved down stopped for me! Brian, the driver of this pickup, pulled over, immediately got out of the vehicle and basically said yes before I told him what I needed! I told him I was headed to Helen and that my bike died and that I am pretty sure I “can’t” do it without some power (I tried hard I really did)! He very kindly started rearranging things in his truck for Thina and I’s things, we got everything in the truck and had a wonderful conversation down the mountain, he even said that he felt lucky to have met me and was able to talk to me and hear about my adventure! He dropped me at the motel of my choice and unloaded all my stuff and my new helpful friend was gone! He was gone probably not realizing the impact he had on me!!

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