Chasing the ghost of Lindsey

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Noah’s March is an 11yr old boy marching 4000 miles across America to find a cure for diabetes. As we entered Idaho, our 10th state, we have covered over 3000 mikes. Once we passed through Twin Falls, we heard stories of 3 other Crossers who had just passed by a few weeks ahead of us. Crossing America is where you start on one coast and walk/run to the other. There are basically 3 types of Crossers: Advocate (like Noah), Athelete (people setting speed records), Adventurer (like Lindsey). We have meet 10 Crossers who have completed their journey, but rarely have we met anyone out on the road that has heard of them, until Lindsey. 

  • I’m sure Lindsey didn’t realize the impact and impression she has made on the lives of the people she interacted with along the way. People have gone out of their way to find us and offer support, because of the path Lindsey paved in front of us. We just wanted to thank Lindsey for being awesome and just appreciate her effort in making a difference in people’s lives. Thank you for allowing us to share your story, even though we have never met you. Congratulations on your amazing adventure. 
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